Making PSD to HTML conversion more worthy

Three things that complete PSD Design to HTML conversion

You may have read many articles that talk about how to convert PSD to HTML or the use of conversion. But there is another important factor that you need to consider. You can make a difference to your conversion if you follow these three key steps after PSD to HTML conversion. It is so true that just converting file formats does not suffice your actual requirement of improving your website. It is equally true that posting the resulting HTML files to your website is not the end of the task. Here’s what you need to do.

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Work on performance

One of the main reasons why people convert PSD websites into HTML is because PSD is heavier and the graphics included takes longer to load web pages. HTML on the other hand has CSS to manage the visual effects and the styles of the web pages. So it can be worked out to make the website lighter.

The other considerable fact about HTML is that it is a standard markup language that enables the website to look similar in almost any web browsers. The users need not change their browser settings to view the web pages even if it has been designed with heavy graphics.

HTML5 is another improvement that has recently helped websites to become compatible with mobile devices. The responsive websites are more in demand these days and HTML websites can inherit many suchfeatures. After conversion you can implement any of the required advanced features to make the website more user-friendly.

Increase Search Engine friendliness

SEO is the most important consideration for any website to survive in the current trend. SEO helps to understand the present trends and reach out to more users by increasing their visibility. Being on top of search results is the best way to increase visibility.

SEO tools can be effectively incorporated to enhance the content to include the necessary keywords. Frequent content updating and resourceful content also help you remain on top of search results.

Once you are done with PSD to HTML conversion, you can keenly scrutinise the content of the website and make it SEO friendly. That way, in addition to the look and feel you will also host valuable content for your audience.

Integrate with social media

Social media indeed rules the current online market. Every business needs to have their social media presence so that they improve their sales. The motive of converting PSD to HTML is to become lighter and more user-friendly. With all these, increasing the online presence is also one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential clients. Social media is the right platform to make worthy online presence.

After converting your website to HTML, integrate it with social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Be active in these forums so that people recognize your website. In that way you will actually achieve what you intended by making your website HTML-based.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Company

Websites are one of the biggest tools for a business today and needs to be properly constructed to become a revenue earner for the owner. The problem arises since the majority of the businesses are not technically competent to build the websites themselves. They also are not too sure as to what questions they have to ask while hiring the services of a professional web design company. Please find a few questions that you as a business owner have to ask the web designers before choosing the right designers.

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Is the agency established and their record?

As a client, the business owners have a right to ask for the designer’s previous works and their track record. Since how long have they been in business is not of much relevance as it does not prove their success rate. Even a novice or a small business with one or two successful projects is more preferable to a 10-year-old designer with lesser success rate.  How many staff does the agency have?  Will they offer a full range of services that are required to build a website? What is the extent of support they offer? The web design company you shortlist should be available to support with other services like emails, domain name, hosting, CMS and ecommerce setup. If they do not offer such support services, you will have to do the exercise all over again looking for another developer resulting in wastage of time and expenses.

Can you meet the team face to face?

When a business owner asks this question they will immediately come to know if the agency has a team of in-house staff or if they in turn outsource their work to freelancers. It will also help as it would allow you to talk to the deputed staff directly and know their capabilities. Is that person an expert in analysing, designing and managing the project?  The best web design company is one that has an in-house team of experts with individual responsibilities working together all the time. They coordinate with each other and ensure they complete their goals meeting deadlines.

What does the web design company charge? What if any, changes are required?

Website undoubtedly is your investment. You are buying professional services and the services do not come cheap. Ask questions like qualifications and experience of team working on your website, the time they will spend? Will the agency charge a flat, consolidated fee with a detailed contract on the services included or do they charge on an hourly basis? What will be the fees for additional features required as the website grows? Is the team authorized to make any changes requested in between or do they have to refer back to their seniors?

Are you allowed to update the content yourself?

This is crucial. The business owner should have access to the website and be able to update and edit the content. It means the web designers have to build the website on a CMS based on the nature of business.

How do they measure the results?

This may sound a bit technical which will involve terms like conversion rates, bounce rates, inbound links, page views. The business owners may not be able to understand all the details being non-technical.   But the top web designing companies work towards generating leads using analytic tools and will update the owners about how to track the measures. The results they produce is supported by corresponding facts and data.

Hire an agency that is stable and has an inbuilt team with proper infrastructure and are easily accessible.

Jyothika is a professional web developer working with a leading web design company Calicut area, she also wrote several articles related with her professional experience.