How to Make PSD to HTML Conversion a Smooth Process

Websites have to be engaging and convenient for the visitors to navigate and use.  One of the most daunting tasks that the designers have is to move the applications into HTML format. It requires a lot of technical proficiency.  HTML conversion will make the website look more professional and enhances the conversion rate (visitor to customer) possibilities. There are several agencies offering conversion services. The method is a little complicated and many a times even the best of experts get stuck midway. The designers could try the following process.

psd to html conversion services

Steps involved in PSD to HTML conversion responsive:

1. Keep it organized to give better experience:

Photoshop has several files and to convert them do not merge the layers. although it saves considerable space there are chances of issues like dimensions, font size, text transformation developing at a later stage that could complicate and delay in the process. When you convert PSD to HTML the website gets compatibility to several other browsers. The coding also is done manually and this has an impact on the performance. It speeds up the loading time giving the users an improved browsing experience.

2. Consider the design layout:

The designers have to finalize on the layout. They have a choice of mobile, responsive, fixed or fluid layouts. Mobile layout is designed especially for the smartphone and tablet users while fixed layout is considered for desktop websites with consistency in height and width. Fluid layouts cater to both mobile and desktop users allowing the user to shift from one to the other form by minimising the browser.

With the improving technology and increasing competition, websites need to be abreast of the latest designing tools.  the designing experts need to use the latest frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap to create PSD to responsive HTML web pages.  A responsive layout moves the web pages to fit into any time of device be it mobile or desktop. It requires HTML to be optimized to make it compatible to even small devices

psd to responsive html

3. Technical competency of psd deisgn to html:

It is critical for the web designers to have the knack of operating all the tools and technologies before they start the PSD to HTML conversion process.  Half know- ledged creators can lead to wrong markings and ruin the entire website performance. They have to abreast of technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop and others.

4. Font reading:

Another important point that you to be cautious about while going for PSD design to HTML is the font rendering. Before giving the final nod to the design, have a thorough check on the font anti-aliasing and anti-spacing as they are rendered differently on different browsers.

The content posting has to be flexible and allow the owners to modify or add any content in future. The design has to be in such a way that the alterations should not disturb the page layout or interrupt services.



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