Why You Should Hire Magento Developer in India for Your Business

Many e-commerce websites have been coming up in the past few years.  This has increased the buying options of the consumers. Due to the high competition in market, it has become imperative for every business to make their presence on the internet irrespective of whether they are a small business or a large brick and mortar store.

hire magento developer in india

Magento is an open source platform that is used to build online stores. The demand Magento based e-commerce websites has been increasing in the past few years. You can easily find a Magento developer in India. You can find several agencies or freelancers who are well qualified and are true professionals in their approach. The developers can create an e-commerce store that assures of reliable and usable business growth. They can assist in

  • Building a responsive site store
  • Creating customized applications
  • Redesigning existing e-commerce stores
  • Developing of extensions/ plugins
  • Converting PSD to Magento
  • Module development and shopping cart development

Benefits of utilizing services of freelance Magento developer from India:

You should consider outsourcing your Magento website requirements to the freelancers in India who offer high quality services at far lower costs.

1- Cost effective:

Every new business has budget constraints. India is considered the hub of web designers and developers. The cost of labor is cheap in India. You can easily get qualified Magento experts on either hourly / weekly basis at affordable costs or at a project wise contract price.

2- No language barrier:

The Indian developers and designers are well educated and have good command over English making it easier for you to communicate and explain your exact requirements.

3- Round the clock communication:

India is in a different time zone. The freelancers are not bound by any office timings. They are their own bosses and can take their decisions without having to consult anybody. So when they are in a contract with you they will respond to all your calls or mails at any part of the hour.

4- Quality work meeting deadlines:

When you entrust your project to the Magento freelancer you can be assured of high quality work. The freelancer typically has his own team of developers and designers and they coordinate well to guarantee that there is no delay in completion of the project. They will keep you updated on the progress of the work.

5- Experienced and Qualified:

The developers are proficient and well versed in the various programming languages like PHP, PHP Zend, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 etc. They have the capability off creating sites that will not only attract visitors but help in converting them to sales.

freelance magento experts

How to choose a Magento developer:

When planning to hire a Magento freelance developer India for your e-commerce site do a thorough check on the quality of their previous works, read the reviews offered by their past and present customers, compare the local market rates and the charges quoted by the freelancers and other similar points. The Indian Magento developers can help you reach your goals of being a step ahead of your competitors.


Magento is the top e-commerce website developing technology


Magento has started ruling the e-commerce web market. Some of the big brand names such as Samsung, Ford Auto, and Nokia are known to be using Magento for their websites. There are many small and medium businesses as well using Magento to create their online stores. Statistics say 26% of the market share today is acquired by Magento. Here are some reasons why Magento is ruling the roost today.

In-built SEO

Magento provides the ability to build websites with SEO features. E-commerce websites need top page ranks and have to be on top of search engine results to attract more customers.

Open source

Magento is open source application. It is preferred by many developers because it is an open source and there are no charges levied for its license or updates.

Global approach

Magento supports 60 languages and multiple payment methods. So it has the ability to build a website with universal appeal. There are many payment gateways supported such as Paypal, e-bay and quickbooks.


Magento is very easy to customize. It can be adaptable to almost all latest technologies as it has a flexible framework. Moreover, since it is open source developers can manipulate the source code and build a customized website according to the needs of their clients.

Data security

Magento offers highly secure authorization modules that can be used to avoid any external data infringement. The core components are well-protected and Magento can be a trusted application to build e-commerce websites.


The websites built using Magento can be used for desktop and mobile devices. It has the ability to be responsive which the need of the hour is. There are several users who shop on their mobile phones and tablets. So it is imperative to build any e-commerce website that is not only compatible with several browsers but also usable on several devices.

Ease of use

With Magento it is easy to build a shopping cart. It is easy and quick ways of changing the themes which may not even need a developer. Entrepreneurs can develop their own customizations easily with a little knowledge of the system.


Magento is one of its kind platforms which offer features such as Return Material Authorization Policy and feedback and review services which are essential to attract customers to an e-commerce website.

Entrepreneurs expect to increase their profitability through increase in their customer base; and customers are attracted by a hassle-free shopping experience. With so many laudable features, Magento undoubtedly rules the world of e-commerce website development.

Paul, the writer of the article is a eCommerce developer at a ecommerce development cochin company. They will handle magneto design and development.