Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Company

Websites are one of the biggest tools for a business today and needs to be properly constructed to become a revenue earner for the owner. The problem arises since the majority of the businesses are not technically competent to build the websites themselves. They also are not too sure as to what questions they have to ask while hiring the services of a professional web design company. Please find a few questions that you as a business owner have to ask the web designers before choosing the right designers.

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Is the agency established and their record?

As a client, the business owners have a right to ask for the designer’s previous works and their track record. Since how long have they been in business is not of much relevance as it does not prove their success rate. Even a novice or a small business with one or two successful projects is more preferable to a 10-year-old designer with lesser success rate.  How many staff does the agency have?  Will they offer a full range of services that are required to build a website? What is the extent of support they offer? The web design company you shortlist should be available to support with other services like emails, domain name, hosting, CMS and ecommerce setup. If they do not offer such support services, you will have to do the exercise all over again looking for another developer resulting in wastage of time and expenses.

Can you meet the team face to face?

When a business owner asks this question they will immediately come to know if the agency has a team of in-house staff or if they in turn outsource their work to freelancers. It will also help as it would allow you to talk to the deputed staff directly and know their capabilities. Is that person an expert in analysing, designing and managing the project?  The best web design company is one that has an in-house team of experts with individual responsibilities working together all the time. They coordinate with each other and ensure they complete their goals meeting deadlines.

What does the web design company charge? What if any, changes are required?

Website undoubtedly is your investment. You are buying professional services and the services do not come cheap. Ask questions like qualifications and experience of team working on your website, the time they will spend? Will the agency charge a flat, consolidated fee with a detailed contract on the services included or do they charge on an hourly basis? What will be the fees for additional features required as the website grows? Is the team authorized to make any changes requested in between or do they have to refer back to their seniors?

Are you allowed to update the content yourself?

This is crucial. The business owner should have access to the website and be able to update and edit the content. It means the web designers have to build the website on a CMS based on the nature of business.

How do they measure the results?

This may sound a bit technical which will involve terms like conversion rates, bounce rates, inbound links, page views. The business owners may not be able to understand all the details being non-technical.   But the top web designing companies work towards generating leads using analytic tools and will update the owners about how to track the measures. The results they produce is supported by corresponding facts and data.

Hire an agency that is stable and has an inbuilt team with proper infrastructure and are easily accessible.

Jyothika is a professional web developer working with a leading web design company Calicut area, she also wrote several articles related with her professional experience.


Magento is the top e-commerce website developing technology


Magento has started ruling the e-commerce web market. Some of the big brand names such as Samsung, Ford Auto, and Nokia are known to be using Magento for their websites. There are many small and medium businesses as well using Magento to create their online stores. Statistics say 26% of the market share today is acquired by Magento. Here are some reasons why Magento is ruling the roost today.

In-built SEO

Magento provides the ability to build websites with SEO features. E-commerce websites need top page ranks and have to be on top of search engine results to attract more customers.

Open source

Magento is open source application. It is preferred by many developers because it is an open source and there are no charges levied for its license or updates.

Global approach

Magento supports 60 languages and multiple payment methods. So it has the ability to build a website with universal appeal. There are many payment gateways supported such as Paypal, e-bay and quickbooks.


Magento is very easy to customize. It can be adaptable to almost all latest technologies as it has a flexible framework. Moreover, since it is open source developers can manipulate the source code and build a customized website according to the needs of their clients.

Data security

Magento offers highly secure authorization modules that can be used to avoid any external data infringement. The core components are well-protected and Magento can be a trusted application to build e-commerce websites.


The websites built using Magento can be used for desktop and mobile devices. It has the ability to be responsive which the need of the hour is. There are several users who shop on their mobile phones and tablets. So it is imperative to build any e-commerce website that is not only compatible with several browsers but also usable on several devices.

Ease of use

With Magento it is easy to build a shopping cart. It is easy and quick ways of changing the themes which may not even need a developer. Entrepreneurs can develop their own customizations easily with a little knowledge of the system.


Magento is one of its kind platforms which offer features such as Return Material Authorization Policy and feedback and review services which are essential to attract customers to an e-commerce website.

Entrepreneurs expect to increase their profitability through increase in their customer base; and customers are attracted by a hassle-free shopping experience. With so many laudable features, Magento undoubtedly rules the world of e-commerce website development.

Paul, the writer of the article is a eCommerce developer at a ecommerce development cochin company. They will handle magneto design and development.



The Advantages of having Mobile Business App

Mobile app designers have recently seen that the demand for mobile apps has increased. Most business establishments understand the worth of having business mobile apps. They realize the mobile apps increase their business. Some of the best known advantages of such mobile apps are:

mobile application development

Accessibility to the business

The business apps are quite different from regular apps. They are designed to handle excess load. The speed and scalability of the business apps are improved from time to time. They are more efficient than the regular apps that run on limited resources.

Quality of software

Regular apps are designed usually with lower quality software which is prone to errors. But business apps are created with quality software that is often updated. So they do not cause breakages.

Ease of use

Mobiles are handy compared to desktop. The business owners are can access the apps easily from anywhere. Most of the functionalities that are present on their business websites like download; document exports are also available in mobile apps.

Increase in profit

It is seen that the return of investment (ROI) is realized within a short span of time with mobile apps. Users prefer to make all the orders and other business transactions on mobile apps. So many product and service companies make sure they have mobile apps to connect with the customer base.


Mobile phones can be used to record digital data. It can also be used to deliver the information to any remote areas where desktop applications may not be reachable. This helps the business owners to ensure that their ideas are accountable in many regions and helps to increase their clientele.


Mobile apps are an easy way to collect feedback through simple forms from customers. These surveys help in analyzing the current market and customer views help the business to offer better service.

Data security

Mobile apps are often deployed on reliable private servers. The data cannot be easily spoofed or destroyed. The security systems are built stronger and theft is not that easy. There is also an option of having data back up in case of any technical snags. So business owners have all reasons to relax about their data.

Independent maintenance

The business apps are customized in such a way that the business can maintain their apps without having to depend on the developers. There is no need to change the designs often after the app starts running live. There are simple ways to update data to their app without the need for in depth technical know-how.


Mobile apps are an effective way to send push notifications about the recent development of business. It can also be used to send reminders to employees or important meeting notifications to the business owners. Mobile apps can be configured to help tracking deadlines and calendar events.


The mobile apps can be developed to reach out to the customers directly through regular feedback systems. The interactivity between the clients and the business owners enhances the trust in business. Also, there are many businesses that require live interaction with the customers to complete transactions. In such cases the mobile apps are a boon.

With these and many more benefits, there is no doubt that the mobile apps increase the profitability of the business. But the business owners should make the right choice of mobile app designing service. They should carefully select a designer who can provide quality app with advanced features within their budget. This helps them make their presence in the mobile space and broaden their business prospective.

The writer of the article is a mobile application developer working with a leading IT company, providing the best mobile application development in Cochin and other area of the world. They can also manage with professional web application development and website design services.


The role of responsive website to make your business profitable

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Most of the businesses organizations have turn their business into online version. If anyone wants to know about any specific product and service of any particular company, they can easily search it through online facilities. What is their function, what kind of product they bring for the customers and how they deal with foreign markets and how do they manage market demand, all of these information is obtainable on internet. You can easily compare the price of any product of the certain company which can let you know the preferable option. It is not possible to access the information from physical establishment of any organization and it is too difficult for the mangers to maintain balanced relationship with the suppliers and distributors. But internet has come up with solutions of these problems. Payment of the provided goods and services is so easy now. You can pay for the products through website. All the contribution of internet has a great impact on operating a business in an easy way.

To change the experience of users and the product design, using Smartphones and tabs have changed the entire approach. The main feature of a good and responsive website is that should be responsive on any device. Some websites cannot be seen and browsed without a computer but it is very annoying and users have bad experience, which can ruin that company’s reputation.  These easy and portable devices have replaced the necessity of browsing websites sitting in front of a desktop. Therefore, it is very essential now to make and design a website that can be easily operated on any device. With changing technology, every firm should adopt this strategy to enhance the user interference.

Generally, a properly responsive website is designed in terms of the device’s screen size, resolution, and dimensions. A responsive website will be set on any devices, which are loaded with an advanced browser and spontaneously get fit with any dimension and resolution of desktop, tabs and smartphones and even T V screen.

By developing a responsive website, the particular company can achieve more customer visits and traffic, which can raise their TRP. The business that gets more traffic is considered as a successful and well going company and it means they are earning more profit overall. You can use a strategic URL address to make SEO function strong and get a better rank on search engine.

Effective user interference can give the opportunity to raise traffic. Mobile device are handheld and people can easily search and browse for a site from anywhere anytime. Your business site should provide same feel and look to the visitors. Only good user interference is not enough, the content and presentation of data should be informative and eye catching as well. People should get the information easily from the site, and then you will be able to maximize the revenue and sales volume.

Responsive feature of sites are new and still many organizations have not utilized it. Therefore, it is the best opportunity for you to stay ahead of your competitors to turn the customers’ crowd towards your organization.

The writer of the article is a expert web designer at a Houston web design company, a leading web design and software development Agency in Texas. Also offer WordPress theme customization and seo services for the clients.


WordPress: The Best Solution for Small Company Business Owner

If you already have a html website you can consider to using HTML to WordPress Conversion Services at web developer. If you have a web developing company, you are aware that your company needs a web page. However, you lack the resources or a chance to make one; or You may have a web page, but it is not exactly what you have in mind, so you are always making justifications. If you are not belong to any of the above, your persistent web page problems can take action in WordPress. A number of reasons to use WordPress in operating your company web page are as follows.

WordPress CMS web design

WordPress is easy to set up, run and update. To use it, you do not need any special computer abilities or information on HTML specifications. You can make your own web page just with a good Internet access and HTML to WordPress Conversion Services. Since you are seeing this, you have what you need to begin. Go to the website and join. In short, your web page will be running. You can pay more to host your sector as well.

WordPress is a great start-up for all the small-scale companies. If time comes and you want to enhance your web page, you can get a web website hosting service account at an additional price. WordPress is valuable to both your site and weblog. While it started as a blog program several years ago, eventually, it has designed into a WordPress CMS web design with complete functions. Therefore, you can use it in managing your web page in its whole, such as your weblog website. You can certainly use WordPress if you just like to weblog.

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There are several, different styles designed by experts and most of them are 100 % free. WordPress design let you have an good looking web page without high price and pressure of choosing the services of an professional web developer. Website owners across the world have designed WordPress to be prolonged with lots of plug-ins to add performance to the primary program. So, regardless of what you need, whether it is a simply contact page or an e-commerce program packed with functions, there is a plug-in to coordinate your company specifications.

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The effective and nice WordPress group gives small business success that their several customers need and allows exchange of concepts to make WordPress better. Users can link with the group via the formal WordPress community forum. Are you looking to make customized WordPress themes? Do you need help with your WooCommerce web page design? Let us take care of your problems – come check out us to learn more about web designing!

Top List of Best Css Gallery Websites to Submit Your Site

It’s a little bit bold headline I select, I assume that greater part of developers like to check out CSS gallery for their own satisfaction and seeing what others are able to do, not having to go through many weblogs that have been presented by weblog writers to get hyperlinks, I get that.

The one thing to keep in mind about CSS website gallery though, is that they need your style to be more than just fashionable font styles or pictures. It has to somehow circulation together with rest of the site, so that people who can view the style are in wonder, or at least near to it.

This list of best free website submission sites was definitely not easy to collect and put together, but I’ve done it to help you out and to give you some more sources for getting 100 % free back-links. CSS inspiration websites might not be the best ways of developing back-links, or have a large effect on your search outcomes, but these hyperlinks will definitely help to get your website more observed and perhaps even improve the Search engines listing time of your weblog site / website. That appears to be excellent enough to me. While it’s absolutely appropriate and motivated to publish your website to these CSS internet directories for getting 100 % free back-links, I’d recommend taking a look at other identical techniques of link developing.

You can always get a someone to do it all for you, on inexpensive websites like Fiverr, for example. although, it’s not that much difficult to enter your name, e-mail and website twice. If anything, you will know what each website needs for an excellent submission. There is no way that I’ve detailed all of the best CSS galleries for inspiration in this publish, so I would like to see your valuable opinions in the comment area down below, you can also enhance your own galleries if you’re serious about it and think it could make the details later on.

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